Meet the Team


John A. Anderson, MBA(HOM)

John Anderson, Editor-In-Chief

With a love of life, learning and laughter, John revels in the world of creation and creativity. Forever the student. Life really is about defining your passion, surrounding yourself with greatness, and getting after it with a lot of heart. Sprinkle in countless late nights, leftover spaghetti, and rolled up sleeves, and it’s hard to fail.


Ken Shepherd

Ken Shepherd, Executive Director

Digital / inbound marketing expert. Since 1995 has been helping businesses embrace and implement web-based marketing solutions. PPC, SEO, and local search guru with PHP/MySQL, CSS, WordPress, Adobe. Ken helps doctors, dentists and health businesses compete in a constantly evolving online marketplace, establish themselves as market leaders in their specialty.

Allyson Long

Allyson Long, COO

Allyson is an organizer in chief, and keeps all the trains running in sync. Her background in health and marketing makes her a perfect professional fit for our Healthy team. One of the most dedicated, focused and hard-working individuals you’ll ever know, Allyson is simply a joy to be around.



Michael Richardson, Managing Editor

Michael Richardson is an experienced writer, reporter, and interviewer. When he’s not saving the planet through his social journalistic ventures, Michael revels in exploring the latest developments in the field of healthcare, its history, its advancements, and where we will be tomorrow.


Phil Chadwick, Design Manager

Phil is a creative guru masquerading as a graphic designer. With over 25 years of graphic design experience Phil is the genius behind the Healthy Magazine designs. Phil’s enthusiasm for great stories and exciting experiences makes him an avid amateur in fields from biology to Star Wars.

Chelsa MacKay, Multimedia Specialist

Chelsa exhibits professional style, poise, grace, and calm. She’s truly our ringleader with all the tasks she juggles to keep the big-top sizzling. Chelsa is always willing to learn new things to improve her skills in web design, videography and social media marketing.

Angela Silva

Angela Silva, Journalist

One of our head researcher/writers, Angela holds a BS degree from BYU in Exercise and Wellness. She also works as a personal fitness trainer and health coach. Therefore, she revels in the outdoors, playing the piano, being around animals and spending time with her family.



Caitlin Schille, Journalist

Caitlin Schille is a writer for Healthy Magazine and an exercise physiologist at Timpanogos Regional Hospital. She graduated from BYU with a degree in public health and loves to write about diverse health issues. In her free time Caitlin enjoys playing tennis and going kayaking.

 Rick King

Rick King, Marketing Director—SW

Rick’s specialty is helping grow local businesses. As a Google Premier Partner, he offers local search solutions through Google, Yahoo! & Bing. These include SEM, SEO, PPC, social media campaigns, hyper-local magazine advertising, custom targeted marketing, etc.

Julie Guyer

Julie Guyer, Marketing Director—NW

Julie balances instinct with uncompromising drive. She’s motivated by helping clients achieve success and embodies an abundance mentality that helps everyone around her improve. Perfectionist to a tee, Julie sees every small detail and won’t rest until it’s right. Her passion is pursuing long-term, meaningful client relationships.

Steve Wallace


Steve Wallace, Marketing Director—NW

Steve is a multi-tasking master and a marketing magician—pulling many rabbits out of the hat—so to speak. Steve has an eagle-eye for editing and an eagle’s view of the healthcare landscape, helping various clients take advantage of the fast-evolving marketing opportunities.