Road Biking

Easy: West Mountain
Located on the south side of Utah Lake, West Mountain is a nice and peaceful atmosphere. It was fun to see all the farms and just get lost in a ride instead of focusing on my MPH and how hard my heart was beating.

Moderate: Hobblecreek Canyon, Springville, Utah County
This ride is my overall favorite. Scenic is the biggest understatement when it comes to the thirteen miles of beautiful trees, parks and a creek that you can hear for most of the ride. The land is a state park so everything is pretty undisturbed. Most of the way is uphill but it never gets too steep. After the golf course take the road called Right Fork Hobble Rd. for my favorite route or you can take the left fork, which is more residential and less challenging.

Difficult: Squaw Peak and South Fork
Nothing gets my adrenaline pumping like riding up a mountain. Squaw peak is that climb that everyone brags they can get up. I like it because while it is steep it’s not long, and the view is amazing. Coming down is actually harder than going up because of how quickly you accelerate. The descent provides enough time for your legs to recover, yet still stay nice and warm in case you want to keep riding. Head northeast on Provo Canyon Rd, and you come to Vivian Park. Taking South Fork Road is a great way to push yourself even more and brag about the more than 3000 feet you climbed.

Mountain Bike Rides to Try

Downhill: Rush, Draper
Thrill seekers can hit this berm-laden, jump-filled, speedy track. Park close to the LDS Draper temple, and ride up Clark’s trail, which is an uphill-only track. You’ll come out into a fenced area which is a meeting point for multiple trails. Rush is the trail that goes down toward the temple again, back to where you parked. The Rush entrance is directly next to the end of Clark’s trail.

Variety: Fifth Water Ridge, Spanish Fork Canyon
This is a 12-mile ride with excellent variety. It has about 1500 feet of climb, smooth track, challenging sections and a thrilling downhill portion. Start on Rays Valley Road. Another great ride in this area is Three Forks Loop.

Relaxing: Mill Creek Pipeline, Mill Creek Canyon
This is mostly flat riding with one section of switchbacks. It includes an excellent overlook of Salt Lake City. Start about a quarter of a mile past Burch Hollow trailhead. Upper Mill Creek Canyon is open from July to November.

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