Written by Lauren Turville

The Utah House of Representatives has done what many thought unlikely. On March 10, 2016 they declared pornography a Utah public health crisis, a huge step for the anti-pornography movement. Even more incredible, the vote was unanimous. This declaration means that pornography is thought to be a threat to the health and well being of those residing in Utah.

“This is a serious issue. This is not just some hair brained resolution, but outlines scientific research about the damage that pornography does,” said Senator Todd Weiler, a major advocate for the fight against pornography.

According to the Fight the New Drug Campaign, pornography lowers self-worth, leads to unhealthy views of sex and relationships, increases the odds of infidelity, and is a cause of divorce.

This resolution does not ban or restrict pornography use, but more fully recognizes it as a subject where education is needed on the harmful effects it has on individuals and those around them. The major goal of the resolution is to limit the spread of pornography use in Utah and eventually across the country. It is hoped that other states will see the state of Utah taking a stand and will follow the lead. Hotels will stop offering pornography as an option, grocery stores will cover sexually objectifying magazines, and internet companies will remove pornography access from their internet packages.

Pornography has become a new drug with the same risk of addiction, and many of the same negative effects that come with drug use.

“For us to pretend that this has no impact on our values and on our society and culture and the brain development of our adolescents is naïve,” said Weiler.

By limiting pornography access, this resolution will hopefully prevent America’s children from entering the same cycle of use, and lead us all to a society to be proud of.

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